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The Planet B Club is more than just a party location of the future. It protects the environment in the best way, on one hand by preserving the last virgin forests of this earth and on the other hand by using the Solana blockchain. To also represent our goals in the real world, Planet B Club is launching its own fully sustainable streetwear brand!

Somehow somewhere in a parallel universe deep down in the depths of the solice, there is a seemingly innocent nightclub, with the explosive name, the 'Planet B Club'.

Once there was an oasis, at the edge of Mechapolis, overrun by humans who spend their time enjoying a few evening drinks. But now abandoned by humans. The only visitors are the so-called “Bountybots”. The last thing remaining, of the flourishing human society, is a bartender AI called B.O.B. He has contacted us and explained the current situation concerning the Planet B Club. With his reports and stories on his Blog, he will tell the world what caused the human distinction. Hopefully one day, we will have the means and technology to visit B.O.B. in person. Until then, we want to help him reach out to more people. Visit his Blog, to have a closer look into his reports and stories.

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Our Partners


Since 2008, our partner "Wilderness International" has been acquiring valuable areas of virgin forest to protect them from deforestation and humans. Every year, researchers from "Wilderness International" visit the biotopes that have already been saved and check them for integrity. They also constantly search for and purchase new biotopes in need of protection. With every sold NFT, we will acquire 5 square meters of area with by that will be saved.

Feel free to visit our partner and see for yourself the excellent work they are doing and what exciting new projects they are currently working.

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The Planet B Club Team



I don't know anyone more determined than him! At just 22 years old, he already has his Bachelor of Sciences and is about to complete his Master's degree. Born into a merchant family, he would be able to sell a steak to a vegan! His enthusiasm is so contagious that he has turned emos into hippies. This is the man I would trust with my last cent to make thousands of dollars!



The marketing studies in the USA were too boring for him. That's why he came back to Germany to fight his way through the bureaucratic jungle and is now studying industrial engineering! Besides his mathematical and analytical field of work, he loves the adrenaline rush of extreme heights. Contrary to these activities he also has an eye for the aesthetic and works as a freelance photographer. This man is an absolute dream for every mother-in-law!



Hi, I'm Bob!


On one hand, our NFTs will run on the Solana blockchain, which drastically reduces power consumption compared to competitors through its "proof of stake" system and therefore is more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, with our partner and through your support, we will protect as much protectable virgin forest from extinction as possible.

As a group of friends, we spend a lot of time together. At some point we thought we might as well be productive! Due to our balanced skill distribution, it was more than obvious to found a start-up together. All 3 of us are excited about the possibilities that Web 3.0 offers us and are excited about the idea of unique objects, minted on a decentralized block chain. However, it bothered us that current projects and block chain operators do all this at the expense of the environment. So the idea of the Planet B Club was born.

We are concerned about the aspect of environmental protection, so we came up with our concept relatively quickly. We want to open a nightclub in the Metaversum. A frequently used slogan at the "Fridays for Future" demonstrations is: "There is no Planet B", we want to draw attention with our name, because now there is a Planet B! The metaverse! But because there are no borders and nature worth protecting, we want to disconnect the destructive nature of mankind and outsource it to the metaverse. This way we can keep our earth as beautiful and diverse as it is, without anyone feeling that their freedom is being curtailed. There are no biotopes in the metaverse! So let's party together at the Planet B Club, let's rave, protect and enjoy the real environment. Be a part of the Planet B Club and let's show others what a sustainable party culture can look like!

The best and most important benefit is our great design! Jokes aside. We don't want to be the ten thousandth art NFT project without substance behind it. There are several aspects that make our NFT so special. On the one hand, we donate a fixed amount per Mint, to our partner "Wilderness International". We are one of the only projects producing Co2 positive NFTs, while protecting real valuable biotopes. On the other hand, there are many other advantages, being part of our community. The NFTs are used as entrance tickets for our nightclub, opening in the Solice Metaverse. The NFTs from our first drop, will additionally become special tickets, allowing you VIP access to live and special events. Live events, with environmental aspects, are planned and will be held in the real world. Additionally, the nerds amongst you will be especially happy. The NFTs are part of the Planet B Club backstory. The story, how the Planet B Club came into place, will be told by B.O.B. Check out his blog!

We prefer Phantom. But you can use any Solanart compatible wallet.

Obviously, we cannot give you a completely objective answer to this question. However, we are working hard on making our project as transparent as possible, so that everyone can get a good impression about our project. Our NFTs are particularly beginner-friendly, because the utility aspect is very transparent and precisely broken down. Also our NFT price will be relatively low, compared to the NFT world. We can provide sustainable and affordable NFTs due to the low gas fees, using the Solana Blockchain.

All people are potential customers, except for boomers and teachers! We want to set up a very broad target audience to scale our project.

The illustrations were made by Kendra Schlegel. Kendra has a bachelors degree in communication design and worked with our concept art to make these beautiful artworks.

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